Absorba PRO Pallet Racking Guard - Medium

Absorba PRO Pallet Racking Guard - Medium

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Introducing our Absorba Pro Pallet Racking Guard which has been designed and created to absorb those damaging blows of pallet jacks and forklifts. Our Guards wrap around the base of the Pallet Racking to keep your Racks safe. Energy Absorbing Design The only absorbing Pallet Racking Guard on the Market !!! Quick and easily installation with only one fixing required, (Fixings included) Made from Galvanised 5mm Steel for a heavy duty Guard Available in Small and Large sizes also How it works ? The Absorba Pro has been engineered with a shock pad thats incorporated within its design, this allows the Guard to flex 13mm and return to its original position undamaged What makes ours difference to the rest on the market ?  Rust Protection Wont bend and buckle Fixing point is concealed and not exposed The Absorba is made from 5mm Steel which is very heavy duty in comparison to the 2-3mm that is seen on the market, the problem with this is that it wont take the impact and will result in damaging the rack

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Absorba PRO Pallet Racking Guard - MediumeSafety Supplies
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