Air Water Fire Extinguisher - 9L

Air Water Fire Extinguisher - 9L

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The water 9.0L Air and Water extinguisher is regarded as the ‘classic' extinguisher and is still used to dealing with class A & B fires. Our 9L air and water fire extinguisher offers high cooling with no substantial negative environmental impact. Due to their nature, they are ideal for spaces filled with heavy combustibles such as warehouses. They can also be used in homes especially in living rooms and bedrooms. However, they should not be used be used on fires that involve live electrical equipment. Our water extinguisher is approved and certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1841.2. Supplied with a wall bracket for easy installation Features: Powder coated with superior UV resistance to standard corrosive High quality brass coated valve Stainless Steel Handle Finish AS/NZ Certified Suitable for: CLASS A (Ordinary combustibles including wood, paper, textiles and many plastics) CLASS B (Flammable Liquid such as a gasoline, petroleum greases, oil-based paints) Best Use For:  Warehouses Storage units (not with electrical equipment or heavy machinery) Paper mills Textile Factories House Living Rooms What is included:  9.0L Air and Water Fire Extinguisher 1 Wall Bracket 1 Maintenance/Service Tag 1 Security Seal Tie CERTIFIED AND APPROVED TO AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AS/NZ 1841.2 

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