Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher - CO2/Aluminium - 5KG

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher - CO2/Aluminium - 5KG

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Our 5KG Carbon Dioxide (C02) Extinguisher is the largest product of our CO2 Fire Extinguisher range to handle class B (Flammable liquid) and class E (energised electrical equipment). The 5KG C02 is ideal for areas such as laboratories and server rooms that can handle and protect a large amount of live equipment. Unlike the foam extinguisher, the CO2 Fire Extinguisher’s fire-retardant material and gas nature are engineered to remove heat that leaves little cleanup and protects any valuable electrical equipment from potential damage. The 5KG CO2 Extinguisher has the highest extinguishing capability that will prevent a fire from spreading. Our C02 extinguisher range is approved and certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1841.6. We manufacture and supply a variety of sizes that are all made with lightweight Aluminium Cylinder construction. Hydrostatically tested to the highest rating standards Supplied with wall brackets for easy installation. Features:   Lightweight, high-quality seamless aluminium cylinder construction High-quality brass coated valve construction High-pressure hose with horn type nozzle end Stainless Steel Handle Finish AS/NZ Certified Suitable for:   CLASS B (Flammable Liquid such as a gasoline, petroleum greases, oil-based paints) CLASS E (Energised electrical equipment such as computers, servers and motors) Best Use For:    The 5KG CO2 Extinguisher is suitable for any area where there is a lot of live electrical equipment such as computers, printers, screens and must be near switchboards. Areas include: Small to Large Sized offices Industrial Areas Shops Server rooms Laboratories Factories Vehicles with Electrical Equipment (specialised for an outside broadcast vehicle and electrical contractors) What is included:   5KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher 1 Wall Bracket 1 Maintenance/Service Tag 1 Security Seal Tie

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Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher - CO2/Aluminium - 5KGeSafety Supplies
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