Flexible Surface Mount Bollard - 140mm (Disabled)

Flexible Surface Mount Bollard - 140mm (Disabled)

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These steel bollards look like an ordinary bollard, but they're flexible.  These bollards come with an internally welded, steel spring which allows the bollard to flex on impact, absorbing the force of the collision and minimising damage to the bollard. Ideal for areas with a mix of foot traffic and vehicle access, our sturdy and functional bollards will surely bring extra assurance and safety for loading docks, carparks and driveways. These bollards are ideal for locations where collisions with vehicles occur on a frequent basis. Bollard returns to vertical position after impact Absorbs proportion of impact force Ideal for frequent impact locations Greatly reduces damage to concrete surface Highly visible safety yellow colour Also available in 90mm.

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Flexible Surface Mount Bollard - 140mm (Disabled)eSafety Supplies
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