Safety Tape - Antislip Mat "Watch Your Step" | 150x600mm

Safety Tape - Antislip Mat "Watch Your Step" | 150x600mm

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Tough & durable anti slip tape constructed of Aluminium Oxide grit bonded with PVC film & coated with an age resistant acrylic adhesive. 2660 Possesses excellent slip resistance because of the grip provided by the grit surface of the tape. It is resistant to water, mild alkaline and acid solutions,detergent in water. The PVC & the Aluminium oxide used in this product are non-conductive & suitable for use in areas where static may exist in the air. Yellow is for use in safety areas where slippery surfaces exist. Red is for use in fire hazard areas where slippery surfaces may exist. Rolls & Mats are individually wrapped. Adhesion: - 600 gm/cm Thickness: - 0.8 mm +/-0.2mm Tensile: - 2.4 Kg/cm Elongation: - 25% Temperature Resistance: - - 5ºC -+50OC Our safety tape will provide an easy to apply anti slip medium to kitchen and bathroom floors, edges of stairs in building, sports venues, motor vehicle running boards, factory equipment, trucks, airport bridges, ladders and step stools used in houses, shops, hospitals and any other areas where slip hazards may exist. This product should always be applied to clean, dry, grease dust free surface. Press firmly into position to obtain maximum benefit from the pressure sensitive adhesive. Optimum performance will be obtained when the bond is formed at 23ºC. At low temperatures there is a chance of condensation forming & the tack of the adhesive can be reduced. For maximum performance on some low surface energy substrates an adhesion promoter may be required. To protect the edges against moisture, chemical attack, oil & dirt it is recommended to use a neutral cure clear sealant to stop tape & mats from lifting.  

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Safety Tape - Antislip Mat "Watch Your Step" | 150x600mmeSafety Supplies
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