Sikafloor 160 11.1kg kit

Sikafloor 160 11.1kg kit

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Sikafloor 160 is a 2 part solvent free epoxy primer and binder, modular Sikafloor system. Uses & advantages USE For priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars For normal to strongly absorbent surfaces Primer for all Sika Epoxy floorings Binder for levelling mortars and mortar screeds CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES Solvent Free Available in bulk quantities Low viscosity Good penetration ability High bond strength Easy application Short waiting times Multi-purpose Refer to the Sikafloor Epoxy Colour Chart for details. Disclaimer Product Disclaimer: Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application as liability falls on the applicator. All products must be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended method.

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Sikafloor 160 11.1kg kiteSafety Supplies
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