Tactile Indicator Stud - Brass/Black Carb

Tactile Indicator Stud - Brass/Black Carb

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Tactiles series are designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist in the orientation of people who are vision impaired and to give tactile warning to safely navigate around in a built environment detectable underfoot or by cane. Suitable for indoors & outdoors, commercial carparks, footpaths, shopping centres etc in areas to warn the vision impaired; such warnings as: Life threatening hazards where serious falls may occur, such as railway platforms, wharves, vehicle driveways and exits from car parks To indicate that a point of importance has been reached (Such as a bus sign, tram stop or train station platforms and many more) Commonly used at the top and bottom of stairways & ramps  

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Tactile Indicator Stud - Brass/Black CarbeSafety Supplies
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